Unique Environments in Norfolk VA designs and delivers interior renovations and entertainment/technology solutions for customers who demand exceptional design, products, processes, and results.    

Since 2004, we have participated in a wide array of residential and light-commercial projects, each demonstrating how we fulfill our Mission and live our business Values:

  •  Facilitate, Focus, and Follow the Customer’s Vision
  •  Synergize Form & Function to create Essence
  •  Promote Win-Win in all relationships
  •  One face to the customer
  •  Shared responsibility for success

Our key product lines present the highest levels of quality and performance, and are available to us exclusively or with limited distribution.  We invest in these so your investment will be visible, be of quality, and have enduring value.  

Principals David Perry and Ray Symmes are uniquely qualified professionals who deal directly with customers through all project phases, lead teams of skilled and trusted associates, and provide unparalleled service and support.          

Unique Environments is located in Ghent’s Palace Station, with our full-line Bang & Olufsen store on the first floor, UE Design & Construction upstairs.  You are always welcome to call ahead for appointments or special requests.